The 2018 Elections are Underway! Voting is Power!

Remember to Go Vote and Vote FOR the Repeal of Instant Runoff Voting. If you are not a member of the NAACP, you can join us now online. Your membership is important to keep us working on behalf of the community we serve.

NAACP Memphis Branch

Welcome to the NAACP Memphis Branch website. As one of the oldest and largest branches in the NAACP organization, we take pride in the work we have accomplished on behalf of our membership in the last 100 years. However, we still need to increase our numbers and relevance in the upcoming 100 years, and we can only do that through you. Become a member and join us in the civil rights fight. Much has to be done before discrimination and inequity for people of color will be no more. Regardless of your age, join us now!

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